King Engine Standard Main Bearing Set WRX 2015+/BRZ 2013+ (MB5745XPG)

King Engine Bearing


The Subaru FA boxer engine is the next generation in the evolution of the wildly successful EJ series of engines. While Subaru made many improvements to this generation, some problem areas reveal themselves when pushing the FA to its limits.

King Engine Bearings has been helping to build stronger and more reliable EJ engines for years now, so it made sense for us to apply this experience to the new FA engine platform.

Highly modified FA engines can suffer from issues similar to the EJ series, such as low oil pressure and oil starvation causing premature bearing failure.

After thorough analysis, King determined that a complete redesign of the main bearings would allow for increased oil delivery while reducing leakage. By incorporating exclusive King features like Elliptix™ oil ingress and 360 degree oil grooves, oil starvation is all but eliminated.

Plus, King’s SmartLug™ main bearing design shuts the leakage path and resolves one of the weakest links in a high output FA engine.


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