HKS GT Supercharger Pro Kit BRZ 2013+ (12001-KT003)



HKS has revised the popular FR-S/BRZ Supercharger Kit to make even more power. The V3 Supercharger kit features a revised inlet pipe with a larger inside diameter than the previous version. The restrictor plate has also been removed, as well as a larger supercharger pulley.

These changes optimize the airflow into the supercharger, allowing a slower spinning, but more efficient airflow. The reduction in supercharger speed, along with the less restrictive air flow, allows for a larger volume of air and cooler intake temperatures than before, creating more power than previous variations of the kit.


  • Unrestricted Supercharger and Larger Diameter Inlet Pipe for Maximized Air Flow
  • Larger Supercharger Pulley for Less Strain and Heat
  • Newly Designed Supercharger Bracket for Pulley Clearance

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